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Roaring ToyzThis zone deals with the signature parts available from the foremost sporstbike customizer in the USA, Robert Fisher (owner & bike racer) makes these parts to perform as well as making your bike look the coolest thing on two wheels.

As the official UK distributor, we have supplied UK & European customers who have enjoyed success at national bike shows, magazine features, fashion shoots, product launches & above all, many miles of riding.

You too can be part of the revolution & stand apart from the crowd.

All our bikes are fitted with Roaring Toyz products, we ride what we sell.

To keep up to date with the ever developing range of ‘Roaring Toyz’ products.

Check out choose your part & contact us to order.

RTZ Signature Swinging arms

RTZ Signature Swinging arms

Available in standard width to suit original or aftermarket custom & performance wheels. These arms are fabricated in house by Roaring Toyz to the highest technical specifications. The innovative stealth bracing allows a clean look while providing strength & performance as proven on the world record breaking drag bike ‘Joker Hayabusa’

The standard width & 240 section are made to order, so you can specify the length & options of stealth bracing, Nitrous bottle holder welded on, air tank in arm or powder coated (arms normally supplied in a raw finish)

With these arms you get swing arm & pivot bearings, crush tube, rear wheel spindle, * caliper hanger & front offset sprocket (*some models)

240 section wide wheel kit

This is a great wide wheel kit to customise your bike that gets you so noticed without composing on your performance, ask Bill Warner who set a world land speed record of 278mph on his Hayabusa using a 240 section rear wheel & offset front sprocket.

You get a 240 section swinging arm, set of wheels of your style & finish from RC Components or Performance machine, sprockets, rear tyre, chain & brake line.

Options: Stealth bracing, radial rear brake set up, air tank in arm, Nitrous bottle holder,  powder coating (arms normally supplied in a raw finish)

240 kit

Available for: BKing, GSXR1000/750/600, Hayabusa, ZX12R, ZX10R, Z1000, ZZR1400, CBR929, 924, 1000RR & R1 plus others

For prices & options contact us for details

240 ‘Stocker’ wide wheel kit

Want the wide wheel style but want a stock looking bike on steroids?

Well, with this rear end only kityou can add instant rear muscle

You keep your standard front wheel & just swop out the standard arm & rear wheel

Kit consists:

240 section RTZ signature swing arm (raw, polished, powder coat or chrome finish)

RC Components 3 spoke 'Stocker' 240 rear wheel in black or polished finish

Rear tyre, sprockets, drive chains, rear caliper hanger & brake line

Available for Hayabusa, B-King, GSXR1000 & ZZR1400

240 ‘Stocker’ wide wheel kit

300 & 330 OSD (outside drive)

The outside drive (OSD) removes the need for a jackshaft by using a specially designed offset front sprocket housed in a billet outrigger cover that makes for a shorter than normal custom wide wheelbase with this awesome kit.

This in turn means easier maintenance & driveability.

Be the centre of attention & enjoy riding every day

Kit consists of:

Swinging arm (raw, powder coated, polished or chrome)

RC Components or Performance machine wheels (chrome, contrast or polished) sprockets, rear tyre, chain, brake line, billet sprocket cover, everything required for this ‘bolt on’ conversion kit

Available for B-King, Hayabusa, GSXR1000 & ZZR1400

300 & 330 OSD

240 Section Single Sided Swinging Arm kit

At last a fully functional single sided billet arm for the custom width wheels built to ride on the road!!

As well as awesome looks you get function with the single chain outside drive system.

Show off your custom rear wheel in the ultimate custom expression so everyone can see your a heavy hitter when you fit one of these kits.

Kit consists of:

Billet aluminium single sided swing arm c/w hub, rear disc & calliper, sprockets.

RC Components or Performance Machine wheels (polished, chrome or contrast).

Rear tyre, chain & rear brake line.

Available for: B-King, Hayabusa, GSXR1000, CBR1000RR, ZX10R, ZZR1400 & R1.

240 Section Single Sided Swinging Arm kit

300/330 section OSD Single Sided Swinging Arm kit

This is the ultimate in custom wide wheel kits

Your get all the attention you can handle and then some!

Premium billet machined parts providing a perfect blend of performance & style

Kit consists of:

  • Billet alluminium arm c/w hub, rear disc, sprocket & radial caliper
  • OSD kit: billet bearing outrigger plate, front bullnose sprocket
  • Front and rear wheels (Performance Machine or RC Components)
  • Rear tyre, chain & extended rear brake line

Available for: Hayabusa, B-King, GSXR1000, ZZR1400 & Ducati Panigale

300/330 section OSD Single Sided Swinging Arm kit

RC Components

RC Components wheels

RC Components wheels

It fitting a big wheel kit isn’t for you, then a pair of standard sized rims is a great way to customise your ride in a highly visual way.

With so many great styles to choose from, it’s a good idea to use the wheel selector on to see how good they will look on your bike & then contact us to order.

Wheels available in polished, chrome or contrast finish

Your original front & rear discs fit these wheels & the rear wheel comes with a sprocket

See the ‘Assault’ chrome wheels on our Hayabusa

RC Components wheels

Performance MachinePerformance Machine Wheels

Standard size to wide wheel rims available for most modern sportsbikes in contrast, chrome & polished finish (see roaring toyz website for all wheel styles)

Check out the ‘Element’ contrast style wheels as fitted to our GSXR1000



BrocksBrocks Exhaust

These 4-1 exhaust systems have the ‘Alien’ head short end can design that fits both standard & wide wheel kitted bikes.

Devoloped on the drag strip to liberate serious amounts of bhp they are equally at home on the road.

Exhaust systems available for most modern sportsbikes inc the world re knowned stage 2 package that increases the Kawasaki H2 2015 model by 50bhp.

As we have ‘Approved dealer status’ we can supply all of Brocks Performance products.

Check their website for full details.

Brocks Exhaust

Billet parts & Accessories

Quality products that enhance your bike manufactured to fit correctly & in a deep chrome finish

  • Adjustable brake & clutch levers
  • Petrol caps
  • Lowered side stand
  • Handlebar switch covers
  • Adjustable mirrors
  • Chrome/rubber grips
  • Rear sprockets
  • Lowering links
  • Swinging arm extensions

Check your bike on & see what exciting parts are available

Billet parts & Accessories

Brocks Exhaust

Install ‘bolt-on extentions’ to enable you launch harder, lower your ET & look cool on the road, these are rated up to 300bhp & are used by drag racing champion Rickey Gladston drag racing school in the USA
Check for model availability.

Custom builds

Whether you want us to install a wide wheel kit or a complete custom makeover, we can make it happen to create a fully functional road going head turner.

We can provide a ride in, ride out service including wheel kit install, custom paint work, powder coating, custom seats, suspension & bracking performance mods amongst a whole host of other services.
Make an appointment to come & discuss what you have in mind or email your ideas & let us work together to turn your dreams into reality

Billet parts & Accessories

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