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MHP ProductsMHP Billet

We have developed our own range of branded products cnc machined from 6060 billet aluminium which are designed to enhance the performance of your bike.

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Hayabusa 1999-2007 Rear Brembo upgrade kitHayabusa 1999-2007 Rear Brembo upgrade kit

Replace your original heavy inefficient rear setup with our upgrade kit which delivers lighter weight & vastly improved braking performance. The kit consists of billet aluminium hanger,torque rod plus fasteners, rod ends for £105-

Clear machine finish or anodised black available

Brembo rear calliper (c/w pads) available separately from £110-

Hayabusa 2008-2014 / B-King (non ABS) Rear Brembo upgrade kitHayabusa 2008 onwards/B-King (inc ABS models)

Replace your standard rear brake that sits on top of your swinging arm to this underslung unit that creates a neater & more efficient set up

Rear billet aluminium black anodised bracket c/w fasteners £95-
Brembo rear caliper (c/w pads) available separately for £110-

Hayabusa 1999-2007 Front 108mm Radial Caliper Upgrade kit

Hayabusa 1999-2007 Front 108mm Radial Caliper Upgrade kitNow you can give your bike the braking performance it should have by installing these billet brackets onto your front fork legs.

You can use Nissin,Tokico or even Brembo 108mm radial calipers from other Suzuki models
Land speed racers in the USA to road users in the UK have all enjoyed vastly improved braking performance with this upgrade kit

Billet aluminium brackets and fasteners £180- (set) (The calipers shown are for reference only & are not part of the kit)

Hayabusa & GSXR1000 Block Off PlatesHayabusa Block-Off Plates (Gen1) 99-07
Hayabusa (Gen2) 2008 onwards
B-King (all years)

Remove your P.A.I.R & emission valves with these easy to fit plates. One of the best mods to do your bike along with the airbox mod. Both kits c/w stainless fasteners

1999-2007 (Gen1) £32-
2008 onwards (Gen2 & B-King) £39-
Eliminator Plug (Gen2 & B-King) £19- (stops bike throwing FI codes)



Hayabusa 99-07 Sprocket CoverHayabusa 99-07 Sprocket Cover

This billet cover is an upgrade for the flimsy original part
Not only does it clamp and prevent the clutch slave cylinder from movement.

It also protects the vulnerable water pump housing if a chain lets go.

Great style and function for just £195

Hayabusa 99-07 (Gen1) Clutch Slave Cylinder Support KitHayabusa 99-07 (Gen1) Clutch Slave Cylinder Support Kit

Your clutch slave cylinder needs this support bracket to stop it flexing & eventually failing

Kit consists of bracket, spacers & stainless fasteners

£48- plus delivery

Hayabusa Adjustable Suspension LinksHayabusa Adjustable Suspension Links

This set of links allow you to fine tune your ride height, as the stainless barrel is machine threaded left & right handed you just turn the barrel by means of the spanner slot to increase or decrease ride height.

Top quality rod ends and longer replacement stainless bolts are included. £68.95


Hayabusa 1” Suspension RisersHayabusa 1” Suspension Risers

Want quicker steering then fit these 1” suspension risers which jack the rear end up the correct amount

Kit consists of a pair of 1” risers plus hi-tensile stainless fasteners, lock nuts & washers

£44- plus delivery

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