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If you have pictures of your bike you wish to be displayed in the gallery please email, together with parts supplied by us.

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Roberts B-King (UK)

Supplied chromed original wheels,MHP rear Brembo under slung caliper conversion bracket,MHP block off plates and elimination plug

William's B-King (UK)

Installed 'Roaring Toyz' Billet single side swinging arm with Ducati hub & rear wheel. Gives a great custom look to this bike

Gary's Hayabusa (UK)

Supplied 'Roaring Toyz' 300 section arm with RC Components'Alien'contrast wheels. Great look with the GSXR seat unit

Derek's GSXR1000 K3 (UK)

Supplied a 'Roaring Toyz' 240 section arm & a three spoke replica 240 section rear wheel for this Streetfighter

Nick's - ZZR1400 (UK)

We supplied a 'Roaring Toyz' 240 section swinging arm & chrome RC 'Assault' wheels. Nick rides this bike all over the UK & in Europe, no show pony here these wide wheel kits are made to be ridden

Alans - Turbo Hayabusa

Alan has installed a Roaring Toyz 'Stocker kit' 240 section arm & three spoke replica rear wheel on his 320bhp turbo busa & this is no show pony as it gets ridden a lot at speed

Jawels Hayabusa - Pakistan

We supplied chrome front calipers,wave discs,RC wheel hubs,chrome frame covers,Air ride rear suspension kit,Roaring Toyz chrome mirrors,top yoke,rear radial upgrade brake kit,fuel cap,clock surround to help make this a winning bike in the counties largest custom show in 2015

B-King 300 OSD

Here's our B-King installed with the very first 300 OSD(outside drive)rear kit made by Roaring Toyz, it rides great & combined with Brocks Performance Alien head exhaust system looks the part too. Let us hook you up with the same spec for your B-King We also have 240 section arm/kits & single sided arms(std wheel size)in stock ready to install Contact us for details/prices

Pauls B-King (UK)

Supplied 'Roaring Toyz' 240 section kit,swinging arm plus chrome 'Raider' wheels to enhance this B-King

Stuarts - Turbo Hayabusa (UK)

This was the bike that Jack Frost (Holeshot Racing)took the UK land speed record on, now owned by Stuart who is making sure this bike is once again ridden in anger while in the same spec as when it took the record We supplied our own MHP billet mirror block off plates

Phil's GSXR1000 K8 Turbo (UK)

Here's Phil's bike installed with Roaring Toyz Bolt on swinging arm extensions plus extended chain & rear brake line. Ready for the top speed events complete with a 420bhp turbo this road going bike has been certified with over 200mph passes

Steve's GSXR1000 K6 (UK)

Supplied Roaring Toyz bolt-on swinging arm extensions & extended chain guard for Steve's drag racing & top speed events

MHP B-King (UK)

Roaring Toyz 240 section rear swinging arm installed along with RC wheels & Brocks 'Alien head' exhaust system.

Carls 1200 Bandit Turbo (UK)

Supplied Roaring Toyz 240 section 'Stocker' rear kit for this turbo Bandit, looks great on this street monster

Davids B-King (UK)

Supplied Brocks Performance 'Alien head' 4-1 stainless full system plus PAIR block off plates & plug in servo eliminator

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